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4 Benefits of Installing a Privacy Fence

Are you trying to decide whether or not a privacy fence is suitable for your property? Perhaps you just moved into a new home and are looking to update the fence, or maybe you recently acquired a dog and want to ensure that it won’t run away. Whatever your reasons, read on for four benefits you can look forward to by installing a privacy fence around your property.


The obvious one – privacy!

In terms of privacy, the benefits of a privacy fence are twofold. Not only will the fence keep prying eyes away from your yard, but you can also use a privacy fence to block out a displeasing view. Whether your home backs onto a busy street, or your next door neighbours have an unsightly looking garden, a privacy fence will help to make your backyard a peaceful space where you can relax and shut out the rest of the world.


Property value

An attractive and professionally installed fence can raise the property value of your home, with privacy fences in higher demand than other fence types. Not only do they look pleasing to the eye, but they are practical and usually built to last. Families with young children and pets will be drawn to a home with an enclosed backyard as this offers protection and security. A privacy fence also raises curb appeal, by making the exterior of your property more attractive, which goes further to increase the value of your home.



A solidly built privacy fence will protect your pets and children by keeping them safe and secure within the perimeters of your home, especially those little tinkers that like to climb or dig! It will also serve as a deterrent to any opportunistic trespassers or vandals looking for easy targets to hit.  Thieves like to check out a property before they rob it, looking to see when they owners are home and whether they have any large dogs, security alarms, or expensive vehicles. A solid, well built privacy fence will make it more difficult for potential burglars to scope out your house and yard.



Depending on its location, a privacy fence can be very successful in sheltering your home and garden from the elements. If you require a barrier to protect your plants and flowers from strong winds or are looking to create a little more shade in a sunny backyard, a privacy fence could be the solution. Additionally, a privacy fence can be used to dampen street noise. Your contractor will be able to make suggestions on the best material and thickness to use for the fence to lessen any intrusive noise.


Quality craftsmanship is one of our top priorities and all of our wood fences are custom built on site to ensure their high quality. We set proper foundations for all our jobs and use only the best materials to build your projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your latest fencing project, we’d love to help!