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Welcome to Fence Masters. CALL TODAY (613) 777-5200 For a FREE QUOTE!
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About Us


Fence Masters Ottawa is your number one choice for quality products, installation, and after sales service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the key to our success and growth.

Initial Meeting

Fence Masters is a custom fence and deck installer. Upon submitting a quote request you will be contacted by a member of our sales team.  Our salespersons are trained to listen to your ideas and provide you with a phone estimate should you have measurements. Because every project is unique there is a mandatory site visit before we can confirm a final project cost. Appointments are never made for specific times (i.e. 5 pm sharp). Site visits are scheduled between certain times, for example an appointment will be made for the salesperson to arrive between the hours of 5pm and 6pm on a certain day. Prior to their arrival on the day of the site visit, our salesperson will contact you to confirm the scheduled appointment is still convenient for you.

Site Visit

The site visit is intended to be as informative for us as it is for you. During the site visit we take all applicable measurements while providing information on products and pricing as well as ideas for design. All information provided to us during the site visit is then used to estimate your project cost.

A quote will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the site visit and will be followed up with a phone call to confirm it was received. CAD drawings are also available at no cost; these can take longer than 24 hours to receive and are therefore sent separately to the quote. CAD drawings are a great tool for custom deck designs, assisting with spatial visualization.


All projects are quoted based on their individual components and each has its own itemized price. Itemized pricing allows our clients to allocate costs and make educated calculations based on unit pricing.

Our quoting process is very unique and reliable. All of our salespersons are trained to use the same estimating tools. Therefore, every customer receives the same pricing and it is accessible to everyone on our team. We pride ourselves in quoting each project accurately. Being on budget is easy for us due to our experienced specialized sales team. We have specific estimators for custom fence, deck, pergola and landscaping projects.

Signing and Confirmation

More often than not, adjustments are made to the original quote; this can usually be accomplished via email and telephone. Upon approval of the project, a meeting is scheduled for finalizing the paperwork. During this meeting, the contract is explained in full and the estimated start date is secured. Estimated start dates are narrowed to a week, not a day. Due to the custom nature of our work, the fact that it is all outdoors and subject to weather conditions, and because it is usually booked a month in advance, it is nearly impossible to predict the exact day of your installation. Every project goes in queue, so it is important to understand your installation date can change.

We will be contacting Ontario One Call to locate your Gas and Hydro, Rogers or Bell. Any secondary Gas or Hydro lines are the homeowner’s responsibility. Please note that it takes a minimum of 5 business days to complete this part of the process. This meeting will be the last you hear from us until your project is up in the queue. In the interim, we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. At this point we ask any changes or requests be made via email.

Material Delivery

On or before the start date, the materials will arrive at the site. The materials will be unloaded by forklift and placed in the area most convenient to us, usually on the side of the house closest in proximity to the project. If you have a preference for where the the materials should be dropped, please advise us prior to the materials being delivered.

Our specialized construction crews will arrive to the site between 8.00AM and 10.00AM depending on the equipment needed for your project. We do not sub-contract any of our work. All persons on your property will be employees of Fence Masters and work as a team to complete the project to your satisfaction.


For projects requiring drilling and concrete work, we ask that the outside water and power be turned on and accessible. Our expert drilling team will arrive with all the tools they need to excavate. They are trained to mark out the holes based on the design. The marking of fence lines will be located in accordance with the property survey provided by you. Holes will be drilled, concrete will be poured, and the dirt taken from the ground will be removed from the site unless otherwise indicated. Should we encounter hard ground during the digging process you will be contacted and advised as to the additional costs, if any. Hard digging is a charge associated with any unexpected drilling delays as a result of rock, root, concrete, etc. It is impossible to quote the cost of a drilling obstruction prior to starting the project, therefore all projects are priced as though we are drilling through dirt, unless otherwise noted on the contract. Upon completing the concrete work the site will be tidied up. Concrete takes 24 hours to cure so you should not expect our building team the following day, unless you are told otherwise.


When our building team arrives they will park their truck and trailer on the street nearest to the site. Trailers are usually left on the street overnight until the project is completed. During the building process we encourage you to ask questions. At the end of each day the crew supervisor will provide you with a progress report and an estimated completion date. Should you have questions or concerns that our building supervisor cannot answer we encourage you to contact your salesperson. It is highly recommended you be on site for both the first and final day of construction. Upon completion of your fence, deck, or pergola, our supervisor will walk you through the entire project. Only when you are fully satisfied will the project be considered complete. A final clean up is then conducted and the left over construction debris removed. Unused materials will be neatly stacked on site for pick-up. Pick-up of all the unused materials is usually scheduled for a couple days after completion of the project.

Follow Up

After the project has been completed, your salesperson will follow up one final time to see how everything went. We greatly appreciate your honest feedback as all of our employees are reviewed based on your comments and their performance. Thank you for your business and we hope you enjoy your new fence, deck, or pergola for years to come. Should you want to speak with the owner at any time please contact him on his direct line at (613) 864-5095. His name is Cory Hubich and he looks forward to hearing from you.