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Welcome to Fence Masters. CALL TODAY (613) 777-5200 For a FREE QUOTE!
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Ottawa Deck Design & Installation

Deck Design

Our experienced team can build on an existing design or will work together with you to create your perfect deck. At the onsite visit, our salesperson will point out design benefits and flaws while helping you visualize size and space. CAD drawings are available. The perfect deck design will compliment your lifestyle and encourage outdoor living.


The construction of our decks is unchallenged. The posts are 6″x 6″, the beams are triple stacked 2×8’s, and everything is fastened using Simpson strong ties. We also use end coat on all framing cuts to ensure the lifespan of the lumber is not jeopardized. All exterior pieces are screwed on to decrease the chance of squeaking and loosening boards. Should the structure of a deck be substandard, it is not worth the savings.


Deck footings are the foundation of the entire structure and must be installed correctly to ensure safety. Our desired deck footing depth is 5ft to ensure we surpass the region’s frost line of 3.5ft. At the base of the concrete footing lies a 6” thick 13” diameter base topped with an 8” diameter sonotube that comes up inches above the finished grade. Sitting on top of this concrete footing lies a steel saddle (Simpson strong tie), which enables the deck posts to mechanically fasten to the footing. Much like the fence footings, the concrete used is of the best quality; the factory pre-mixes all concrete to ensure perfect consistency. We NEVER mix Gravel and Portland on site to make our concrete, which keeps our concrete quality high.  All concrete is vibrated in the hole to alleviate any air pockets. Vibrating the concrete increases the concrete density and in turn strengthens it. The footing described meets the standards set by the Ontario Building Code.


Pressure Treated Spruce (Micro Pro Sienna)

MicroPro® preservative technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping and general exterior construction uses. MicroPro preservative technology meets Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards as a wood preservative that has been formulated especially for Canadian species and use conditions. Wood treated with MicroPro can be used above ground, in ground contact and in fresh water.

The MicroPro preservative technology is a waterborne, micronized copper azole (MCA) system developed to provide long-term protection for wood exposed in exterior applications. The MicroPro system is based on the well-established effectiveness of copper combined with an azole compound and is applied to wood by pressure treatment. Copper and azoles are effective fungicides and termiticides, protecting the treated wood from fungal decay and termite attack.

Western Red Cedar (Cedar One)

Our Western Red Cedar is a Premium 1st Grade lumber, imported from British Columbia, Canada. The lifespan of cedar can range from 15-25 years depending on its environment. Using Cedar on your fence or deck project offers a beautifully natural look. Western Red Cedar is known for its rich colours. Cedar does not have to be coated. Should you leave the cedar natural it will fade to grey, much like the PT. Should you want to coat the cedar, it is recommended you do so at least 3 weeks after installation is completed. Cedar desks are a nice addition to the back yard for those who like to walk around barefoot.

Composite (Trex, Veranda, Azek, Gorilla Deck)

Composite Decking has a lifespan of 25 years. Composite Decks offer low maintenance plus durability. Maintenance on this product should be done twice a year (Spring and Fall) and can be accomplished with mild soap and water. Most of the composite deck boards are fastened down using hidden fasteners to eliminate surface screws. This decking is meant to cover PT Framing. Lead times for this product range from 3-6 weeks. Composite decking comes with a limited lifetime warranty on materials. We use offer 4 different products:

  • Trex

    Trex is by far the biggest name in composite decking. Trex has been around long enough to honour their lifetime warranty. Trex offers the widest range of options for colours, finishes and railings. Trex has a wide range of products; from soft dull wood-like finishes to hard shiny plastic-like finishes.

  • Veranda

    Veranda is a durable product with many colours to choose from. Veranda uses solid boards with a hidden clip fastener system for all of its decking. Veranda deck products have a dull soft wood-like finish to them.

  • Azek

    AZEK® engineers the best high-performance building materials available. Their commitment to technology and materials science innovation is at the heart of their brand, and their dedication to inspiring design and style is  why the best dressed homes wear AZEK. They believe trust is built with quality products. AZEK’s attention to beauty and detail is evidenced in their collection of inspired products, colours, and style options.

  • Gorilla Deck

    Gorilla Deck is a PVC deck product that has made a name for itself. This product is sister to the Tuf fence and is therefore available in matching colours. The best feature of this lock tight decking is the fact that no fasteners are seen and it is water shedding. This product is ideal for high decks where you do not want water dripping through. Lead times for this product range from 4-8 weeks and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty on materials. Maintenance on this product should be done twice a year (Spring and Fall) and can be accomplished with mild soap and water.