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Welcome to Fence Masters. CALL TODAY (613) 777-5200 For a FREE QUOTE!
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Fence Installation Services in Ottawa


The style of fence you choose will be based on functionality and personal preference. You may be looking to to achieve aesthetic appeal, privacy, or even security.  Whatever your preference, we have many different styles and heights, as well as many custom products, to guarantee your satisfaction.


We do not cut any corners when constructing and installing one of our fences. When building out of wood we always us proper fence brackets (Simpson strong ties) and spiral galvanized nails. Every single one of our wood fences is custom built on site. We do not use prefabricated panels. All fence sections have a minimum 2×4 construction to alleviate sagging in years to come.  The majority of our fencing styles look the same on both sides (with the exception of Chain-Link). By building everything on site we guarantee exceptional quality. Extra materials are ordered for every project to ensure we have enough quality materials to complete the job. Our Chain-Link fences are constructed using all the proper connections, including top rail, bottom wire, and end brackets with tension bars. By using the tension bands, as the manufacturer recommends, we are able to put the proper tension on the fence, which in turn strengthens the structure. Our Ornamental Iron, Composite, and PVC fences are also built to the recommendations of the manufacturer to guarantee their warranties.



Our desired footing depth for a fence is 3-4.5 ft. Our footing diameters are over-sized, boasting a 7” addition to the post size (3.5” wall on all sides of the post). The concrete we use is of the best quality, and all concrete is premixed by the factory to ensure the perfect consistency. We NEVER mix Gravel and Portland on site to make our concrete, ensuring our concrete quality is always high.  All concrete is vibrated in the hole to alleviate any air pockets. Vibrating the concrete increases the concrete density and in turn strengthens it. Having a quality footing is paramount to the longevity of a fence, yet it is normally overlooked.

Not all properties are flat. Because of this, we offer several options for your fence footing style to accommodate slopes in your property. Select from Step-Down, Hybrid and Contoured panels to give your new fence the look and privacy you want. Take a look at the images below to choose which panel configuration you prefer. Step-Down is our standard configuration of choice unless otherwise stated in the contract. 


The construction materials used will impact the fence’s maintenance requirements and lifespan. It is important to know what you are attempting to achieve with the fence materials for they will directly affect the cost. All of our materials are of premium quality; for instance, our lumber is all Premium 1st Grade, our pressure-treated Spruce is injected with the preservative rather than sprayed with it, and our PVC comes with metal inserts. Take a look at our literature for more information to help you choose which fence is best suited to your application. 


MicroPro Sienna Pressure Treated Fencing

The Pressure Treated Spruce (PT) we use for all of our fencing projects is a Premium 1st Grade lumber. This lumber is also ACQ rated for your safety. The lifespan of this new and improved PT lumber ranges from 25-50 years depending on its environment. PT lumber is considered durable enough to make contact with the ground, when most products are not. PT lumber does not need to be coated with any products.

PT lumber will naturally fade to grey over time. Should you want to apply a protective coating to the PT lumber, it is recommended you wait one year until application. The one year lapse is suggested so as to allow for the lumber to properly dry

All our PT gates use heavy duty T-hinges with lockable paddle latches, which are accessible from both sides.

Western Red Cedar

Our Western Red Cedar is a Premium 1st Grade lumber, imported from British Columbia, Canada.

The lifespan of cedar can range from 15-25 years depending on its environment. Using cedar on your fence project offers a beautifully natural look. Western Red Cedar is known for its rich colours. Cedar does not have to be coated. Should you leave the cedar natural it will fade to grey, much like the PT.

Should you want to coat the cedar, it is recommended you do so at least 3 weeks after installation is completed. All our Cedar gates use heavy duty T-hinges with lockable paddle latches, which are accessible from both sides.

Chainlink Fencing by Medallion Industries

All materials quoted for our residential grade consist of 5ft high, 9 gauge vinyl-coated mesh with 1.5” diamond, 1 7/8” terminal posts, and 1 5/8” line posts.

All of our Chain-Link fences are built to the manufacturer’s specifications, using tension bars, bottom wire and toprail. The standard is 5ft high in black, but we have other height and colour options available as well (brown, white, green).

All steel products are painted then baked. For commercial applications there are many more options to choose from. Lead times for special order range from 2-4 weeks.

Ornamental Iron Fencing by Medallion Industries

Our Ornamental Iron fence is at the top of its class. The panels boast a bolder look with their over-sized rails and pickets (1 ¼” and 5/8” respectively). The metal used for the fence panels and fence posts is Galvalume. Galvalume has the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of steel.

The standard for Ornamental Iron fencing is black 5ft high and 8ft wide panels with pyramid post caps. Due to the fact that this fence comes in panels, it is not ideal for sloping down steep terrain, as this will leave gaps at the bottom. However, should steep terrain be unavoidable, custom panels can be ordered to accommodate the slope and alleviate the issue of gaps at the bottom of the fence.

Alternate colour and height options are available upon request. Lead times for special order range from 4-8 weeks.

PVC Fencing by Mighty Fence

PVC fences boast a 25-year lifespan. Tuf fence provides quality low-maintenance options with endless capabilities. Maintenance should be done twice a year (Spring and Fall) and can be accomplished with mild soap and water. Tuf fence offers numerous colours, styles, and height options. This fence is also known for the fact that it uses steel and aluminum inserts as reinforcement. This is the Cadillac of fences! Available colours are White, Beige, Tan and Adobe. There are over 8 fencing styles to choose from and the height options are endless. There are also 3 post cap designs to choose from (the Pyramid cap is our standard).

Due to the fact that this fence comes in pre-cut panels, it is not ideal for sloping down steep terrain. Should steep terrain be unavoidable, custom panels can be made on site to accommodate the slope and alleviate the gaps at the bottom of the fence. Lead times for this product range from 4-8 weeks. Tuf fence come with a limited lifetime warranty on materials. All our PVC gates use heavy duty self closing PVC hinges with key lockable entries, which are accessible from both sides.

SimTek Vinyl Fencing

SimTek Fence has reinvented fence manufacturing with its patented design of rotationally-molded fencing. This has resulted in a realistic stone appearance with superior performance. It is made with a proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) blend and is reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and every panel. This product can withstand constant hurricane force winds with up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts, and is certified to meet Miami-Dade county wind loads. Additionally, this fence locks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26. It also contains UV12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors.

This fence has been Xeon-Arc chamber tested in an accelerated environment with minimal to no fade. If needed, you can easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer. This is one of the most user-friendly fences on the market!