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4 Great Uses for Ornamental Iron Fencing

4 Great Uses for Ornamental Iron Fencing

Considering having a new fence installed around your front or backyard? If you have your eyes set on an iron fence, this is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. To help assist with your decision, here are a few great uses for ornamental iron fencing and how it can enhance and benefit the exterior of your home.

Enhances the Look of Your Home

Whether it’s modern, traditional or something in between, you can never go wrong with the unique and eye-catching character of an ornamental iron fence. The gothic, mid-century style is always a timeless favourite that adds contrast and a crisp, elegant note to any exterior.

Providing Ample Air Flow

Some fencing styles can restrict air flow when they’re installed since there isn’t much space – if any at all – between the fence to allow the breeze to pass through. In certain locations and climates, this can impact the comfort and temperature when you’re out lounging on your patio. Since iron fences include plenty of space throughout the design, it won’t impede the circulation of air. Plus, when a strong wind gust whips up, there’s virtually no risk of it toppling over.

Keep an Unobstructed View

There are many styles of fences that maintain your privacy while also blocking out your view. However, iron fencing provides the security you need while still being able to see what’s happening on the other side of it. With the flexibility in design, you can also plant certain shrubs along the fence if there are some particular areas you’d prefer to block out while maintaining partial visibility elsewhere.

Allows More Sunlight to Access Your Garden

Solid wood fences and other modern designs can also prevent sunlight from penetrating to reach your garden beds. This can make it difficult for your plants and other vegetation to grow properly with such an abundance of shade. But an ornamental iron fence allows the sun to shine through, keeping your plants happy and healthy on either side of it.

In addition to these great uses for ornamental iron fencing, it’s also an incredibly strong and durable material that’s immune to bugs and wood rot and requires minimal maintenance. There’s no denying just how stunning iron fences are – they add definition to any exterior. If you’re looking for the best fencing options for your home, give the Fence Masters a call for the best quality products, workmanship, and customer service in Ottawa.

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