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5 Effects Summer Has On Your Deck

5 effects summer has on your deck

When it’s summertime, you want your deck looking its best. However, it’s often an outright battle keeping the deck from getting dirty, scuffed up, and discoloured throughout the busy summer months. To ensure your deck can handle the heat, here are some common effects summer has on your deck and how you can avoid or prevent them from happening to yours.

Mould Growth

Those humid and rainy days are the perfect breeding ground for mould and moss growth. If you want to control the mould and mildew from taking over your beautiful deck, you have to clean it often with a pressure washer. It’s also important that you trim nearby trees and bushes and sweep any leaves or leftover debris that may be accumulating in the floorboards or underneath the deck.

Damage to Your Finish

With BBQ season upon us, it’s likely that you’ll be cooking up a storm on or near your deck this season. And one thing we often don’t think about while we are scarfing down on our favourite summertime foods is the damage that stains can leave behind. Those grill splatters and messy eaters can create lasting stains and ruin the finish on your deck. So remember to keep a damp cloth and a household detergent nearby so you can clean up any barbecue oil or food spills as soon as they happen.


The sun has a tendency to fade and discolour anything that it touches, especially your clothing, patio furniture fabrics and the wood on your deck, even if it’s been treated. You can help limit your deck finish from fading by using a wide umbrella or awning to shield the sun, or by simply moving your deck furniture around regularly.

Water Damage

If your deck doesn’t have a waterproof sealant, you will likely experience water damage from the rain during the summer months. Most often water damage occurs water flows down and pools on the surface of the deck. This can eventually result in wood rot. It’s important to make sure the wood on your deck is treated every season and to re-direct the water from your roof away so it won’t pool on the deck. This requires adding flashing and ensuring that your gutters and downspouts are correctly positioned away from your deck and foundation.

Foot Traffic and Pets

Your deck is also more vulnerable to foot traffic in the summer. Your dog’s nails, your shoes, and furniture can easily scratch up the wood surface if you’re not careful. To prevent any excessive damage from occurring, make sure to keep your pet’s nails clipped and avoid dragging objects across the deck surface. It can also be a good idea to throw down a floor mat in areas that experience the most foot traffic to reduce the overall wear and tear.

When your deck is looking weathered and faded, it might be time to get a new one installed.  Our experienced team can build on an existing design or help create an entirely new plan for you. Visit our website to find out more about how our team at Fence Masters can build you the perfect deck design to complement your home and lifestyle.