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How to Choose a Fence Design Based on Your Property Type

A fence is many things to many people. For some it’s an aesthetic consideration which subtly enhances the look and feel of their property. For others it’s an additional layer of security that affords them a little extra privacy, while some may consider it a vital way of keeping their pets in while keeping wild critters out.

Whatever the reason is that you need a fence, the one thing that it shouldn’t be is an eyesore. The last thing anyone wants is a fence whose aesthetic is at odds with the look of their exterior. Here are some top Fence Masters tips on choosing the perfect fencing design based on your property type:

Decide what matters most to you

While it’s important to make decisions based on your property type you should also factor in your personal needs and preferences. You need to think carefully about your budget, your security considerations and your personal style. Determine a list of qualities your fencing needs to have before you think about aesthetics.

Build on what your existing exterior offers

A wrought iron fence might not be very complementary to a rustic farmhouse, while a picket fence made from Western Red Cedar might look incongruous amidst the clean lines of a modern new development. Consider the colours, shapes and materials already in use and use those as a starting point to develop your fence design.

Consider your surroundings

It’s also a good idea to consider your local environment. Are there trees nearby which will protect your fencing from the elements? Are wild animals known to frequent the area? Do you get much sunlight? Chain link fences can be very helpful in keeping wild animals off your property while also letting lots of sunlight into your property, while wooden fences will last longer when given reprieve from wind, rain and snow.

If you need help and advice on which fence is best suited to your property, get in touch with us today! We offer free onsite fence and deck estimates, with a 24hr turnaround on our quotes. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will help you choose the perfect fence for your backyard setting.