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City or suburb living often goes hand in hand with a tricky issue in terms of lounging outdoors: privacy. Unless your home is located in the countryside, chances are you’re going to have neighbors who can either see into your outdoor space from above or through a fence. As such, our clients’ main concern when building one of their own is how to use it to shield them from prying eyes. Beyond the construction of the fence itself, we have a few tips for how to decorate yours for added anonymity!

Plant Tall Shrubs

If your neighbours can see over your fence, it’s time to add some height to it. Consider planting tall shrubs in front of your fence so that you get a few added feet of privacy. They’ll take some time to grow but the wait will be worth it as they’ll shield you year round. Our favorite pick would be cedars, but any tall shrub will do the trick. The evergreen family in general provides an added bonus as these types of plants don’t lose their foliage in the winter.

Create a Green Wall

A green wall is an especially handy privacy trick if you have a fence with slats in it. Much like an interior gallery wall of paintings or artwork, a green wall acts as a floating gallery wall of plants for the outdoors. Simply attach flat backed planters to your fence’s slats using zip ties or small hooks and you’re all set! The plants will cover the slats for added privacy with the added benefit of looking beautiful and infusing your outdoor space with color and texture. You can have a lot of fun with a green wall by mixing and matching different shapes and species of plants that are aesthetically pleasing to you. If your fence doesn’t have slats in it and you simply like the idea of a floating green wall, you can also consider hanging a wooden pallet over your fence and using this as the base for your planters.

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