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What To Do When Posting A New Fence?

What to do when posting a new fence ottawa

You’ve decided that you don’t want to hire a contractor and opted to take on your new fencing project on your own. You’ve picked up a couple of books and scrolled through the internet to gather as much information as possible. Even though you feel knowledgeable to start, you’ve become stumped on one part of the process. What to do when posting a new fence in Ottawa?

A question we’ve received and figured it may be of great value to others out there. 


There are many different types of concretes to choose from:

  • Fast-Setting – takes 20-40 mins to set. Used if something needs to be ready quickly, like slabs.
  • High-Strength – 10-12 hours to set. Used for foundation.
  • Crack Resistant – Most durable. Used for patios and walkways.

You will find that when you are posting something in wet concrete it will have a tendency to lean and move and settle. This can be solved by using an even dryer concrete mix.  If you use a dryer mix you shouldn’t have any issues with settling in comparison to liquid based concrete.


You will have to brace your posts if:

  • Worried about the state of your fence.
  • Too heavy of a post.
  • Too windy.
  • On a hill.
  • Just want to make sure it’s never going to move.


Bracing your post will insure that the after effects of these scenarios are minimized due to proper stability. 

A couple of ways to make this happen is through cross bracing. You can use cross bracing with extra lumber, steal, or even put a cradle around it so it does not move until it sets. 

Concrete usually takes 24 hours to set, so at that point you could take off the bracing. It may take up to 30 days to fully cure, so you most definitely want to make sure not to put any heavy stress on it until after the posting. 


If you are still having trouble on what to do when posting a new fence, it is best to consult with a contractor. As much as you would like to complete the job on your own, you don’t want to a risk paying for it down the road. 

For all your fencing needs feel free to reach out as we would love to help you on your next fencing project.