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Outdoor Living 101: Decks, Patios and Pergolas

If you want to create an amazing outdoor living area, you’re going to need to know a little about decks, patios, and pergolas. These things can help just about any homeowner to create a functional outdoor space. How do you decide between a patio or deck, though, and do you need a pergola? We’ll go into...
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What is the Most Resilient and Weatherproof Fence Material?

We all know how subtly transformative the right kind of fencing can be for our homes. We also know that it can afford us a little extra privacy and security when we need it. However, fencing is a long-term investment and homeowners need to know that the materials they choose can stand the test of time,...
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Five Amazing Fence Design Ideas

An excellent fence can help improve curb appeal and really make your home stand out. There are plenty of excellent designs to choose from, and here are five that might tickle your fancy: Lattice Top These fences are gorgeous as they present you with tightly packed planks with a lovely lattice pattern on top. Very popular...
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How to Choose a Fence Design Based on Your Property Type

A fence is many things to many people. For some it’s an aesthetic consideration which subtly enhances the look and feel of their property. For others it’s an additional layer of security that affords them a little extra privacy, while some may consider it a vital way of keeping their pets in while keeping wild critters...
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Transform Your Outdoor Space With This Simple Fence Design

Your interior decor is crucial in ensuring that your home looks and feels neat and tidy, yet comfortable and cosy. Decorating your home is an important part of establishing your identity through your surroundings. However, while interior design is a well-known discipline, few people give as much care and attention to their exterior decor.   Have...
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