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4 Tips For Decorating Your Backyard On A Budget

Most of us who are fortunate to have access to a backyard, and know what an addition this can be to your home is developed correctly. The backyard, especially in the summertime, can create a great atmosphere for family and friends. It would be great to have a big backyard with a pool in it, but...
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6 tips for home improvement

6 tips to improve your home

Solar Panels We are always looking to save money on our energy bill whenever possible. If this is the case for you, investing in solar panels may be what you need. Not only is it becoming a new trend, but it will also save you money in the long run on your energy bill.   Landscaping If...
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What to do when posting a new fence ottawa

What To Do When Posting A New Fence?

You’ve decided that you don’t want to hire a contractor and opted to take on your new fencing project on your own. You’ve picked up a couple of books and scrolled through the internet to gather as much information as possible. Even though you feel knowledgeable to start, you’ve become stumped on one part of the...
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custom fencing in ottawa backyard

How To Build Your Dream Fence In Ottawa

You’ve reached a point where you’re unsatisfied with the state of your fence and are looking for a change. Whether it’s falling apart or not modern enough for you; you’re in search for some answers.  With so much information out there you don’t know where you would like to start. Look no further you’ve come to...
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City or suburb living often goes hand in hand with a tricky issue in terms of lounging outdoors: privacy. Unless your home is located in the countryside, chances are you’re going to have neighbors who can either see into your outdoor space from above or through a fence. As such, our clients’ main concern when building...
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